10 Most Common Secrets Men Hide from Their Partner


    Men already have this reputation of not being great at opening up. They don’t really talk about their feelings, they keep everything inside and rarely open up. Which leads us to believe they have a lot of secrets. Is that true? Well it really depends on the man. But we do think that there are a couple of things most men like to keep private, so let’s talk about the most common secrets men hide from their partners.

    2First Date Conversations Are A Mystery To Them

    Most men just have no clue when it comes to conversation on the first date. They don’t know what to say or what to ask and what to talk about. It’s way too awkward and painful for them because they’re not used to talking so much. That’s why a lot of men prefer going to the movies first and then going to dinner. It gives them a topic to discuss – the movie you both just watched. Some even go further and choose some crazy adventures activities for first dates so you don’t really have to talk that much at all.


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