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10 Things to Pack When You Travel


When packing for a trip we usually focus way too much on cool outfits we think we’ll wear. Who else have had way too many trips for which they’ve packed at least one outfit for each day you’ll be away (sometimes more), PLUS a dress and shoes in case of a fancy occasion, PLUS something in case of rain or bad weather like a coat and a sweater, etc. Lots of people do this, right? In the end we have way too much stuff we definitely don’t need, too much clothes we’ll never get a chance to wear that we’re literally just dragging with us halfway across the world. And the worst thing is we forget to pack the essentials, the things that will actually come in handy. So let’s talk about 10 things you probably didn’t pack but definitely should pack when you travel.

1Copies Of Documents

We know you packed your passport and tickets, but just in case something happens and you lose them or they get stolen from you – it’s good to have copies. We suggest you scan and print copies and keep them separately in your backpack or some other little luggage compartment. Another good option is to have scans of your travel document and insurance info on your phone (email, iCloud, Google drive – that’s up to you). This way you’ll be able to access them wherever you are.



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